Monthly Archives: August 2011


A Sudsy Update

As we mixed the third batch for our DIY Suds, we realized that (shame!) we should have been keeping you updated. Because, well, that’s 3 batches since February. And with each re-occurring batch, we spend nothing but a buck for the Fels NapthaKEEP READING >



Ah, the ottoman. That is to say, our man, Otto. He’s finished! Hallelujah, praise above, and yadda yadda. Since we first mentioned him right here, it’s been well over a month, and goodness knows we took our sweet, slow time. The lastKEEP READING >


The (Week and) Week’s End

We spent the previous weekend and week in sunny Amelia Island with Scott’s mom and pops. I did absolutely nothing (laying in the sun all day counts for nada), while my man and his dad caught fish every morning for their lunch. Nights includedKEEP READING >


Be Our Guest: 4 Men 1 Lady

Last (but not least) in our guest line up comes from Michelle of 4 men 1 lady. With Scott being one of three brothers, I’m often intrigued by the chaos that must have been his mom’s life – I might have asked him how his mother cameKEEP READING >


Be Our Guest: Hernando House

The lovely Cait of Hernando House stays busy, busy while transforming her first house into that thing we all strive for – a place to call home. (Aw, cheesy lines, we heart you.) We enjoy following along, picking up tips, ideas, andKEEP READING >


Be Our Guest: Mommy Needs a Minute

I’ve no idea how I came across Mommy Needs a Minute almost year ago, but holy shmoly, I was instantly hooked. Erica’s unique voice and easy writing style had me laughing, literally, out loud from the start, and her account of daily life,KEEP READING >