Monthly Archives: July 2011


Pink Poppies

Fabric shopping is hard. There were times where I swear I saw the same print in ten different colors on twenty separate sites, only to find out they were in no way the same, they went by thirty different names (no, the math does not check out), and some were so much dinero, I’d have to sell an arm. Holy ships, we’re only trying toKEEP READING >


How We Frame (and a Cute Pig, Too)

We love us some good advice. Getting it, giving it, spreading the word. You know, so as not to constantly reinvent the wheel. And there are two things we get asked more than anything: 1) Dudes, where’s the fur? (answered right here), and 2) How do you frame? Hey, I didn’t say they would be related in any way. Often times, the latter isKEEP READING >


The Week’s End

High fives to myself for continuing on my weekend-to-the-fullest journey, hurrah! And Scott, too. Our building wide yard sale + bike shop sidewalk sale was a success (more on year’s past here and here), which naturally meant treating ourselves to pasta and a late night flick with neighbors, followed by Sunday projects (the reconstructedKEEP READING >


Oh, Sweet Friday (and a Test Drive)

Aside from our questionable art and a handful of yellowed photographs, we also picked up this bare bones frame (we’re talking Randolph Flea, by the way). And while snapping a glamour shot of said frame, we kind of fell in love with the gaudy gold against our graphic paper. Whoa. We realize it’s no sin to layer frames on wallpaper,KEEP READING >


Ready for Reconstruction

We have an ottoman that we’d rather not have to look at. Yes, a few throw blankets and pillows can go a long way, but it’s ugly, boxy and was purchased years ago in a crazed moment of not thinking clearly. However! It’s functional (and was cheap, too). So, there it stayed, in the corner of our living room, used as an extra seatKEEP READING >


The Week’s End

The sun has been a friend these past few weeks, and with summer comes less productivity than we’d like to admit. (I completely blame the season, with further proof from last year found here and here. ) While we still find time for mini projects that keep us busy, productive, and happy, I can’t help but feel unsatisfied with my own toKEEP READING >