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Monthly Archives: July 2011


Pink Poppies

Fabric shopping is hard. There were times where I swear I saw the same print in ten different colors on twenty separateView full post »


How We Frame (and a Cute Pig, Too)

We love us some good advice. Getting it, giving it, spreading the word. You know, so as not to constantly reinvent theView full post »


The Week’s End

High fives to myself for continuing on my weekend-to-the-fullest journey, hurrah! And Scott, too. Our building wideView full post »


Oh, Sweet Friday (and a Test Drive)

Aside from our questionable art and a handful of yellowed photographs, we also picked up this bare bones frameView full post »


Ready for Reconstruction

We have an ottoman that we’d rather not have to look at. Yes, a few throw blankets and pillows can go a long way,View full post »


The Week’s End

The sun has been a friend these past few weeks, and with summer comes less productivity than we’d like to admit.View full post »


Is it Art?

Hi, how are you? Did you catch our recent post on the Randolph Street Market? Remember when Kim said we’d found aView full post »


Weekends, Fleas, and Another Mirror.

Over the weekend, we took a quick break from Chicago, packed up the wagon, and squeezed in time to visit friends andView full post »


Painted: Cracker

It’s been a while since we’ve showed off those fine felines behind the Painted scenes, and this buddyView full post »