Monthly Archives: April 2011


Rainy Days and a Sad Patio

Chicago’s rainy day streak has got me feeling down. Both of us, really – or should I say, the both of usView full post »


Get to Know: Patti and Ross

Remember that whirlwind weekend when we built that media wall? I must admit, there’s a part I left out. Not onlyView full post »


Birds Fly South(er)

With all of the recent changes around our living room, we found ourselves with a couple of homeless critters. You mightView full post »


Painted: Diesel

Okay, it’s pretty obvious that we have a love for bully breeds, with our Jack being the center of attention atView full post »


Dino Battle! (and Building a Terrarium)

As mentioned here, we already made the first leap towards building a terrarium. I know, big deal, so we bought theView full post »


A Few Things

With the dust settling around our actual casa (sort of), we figured it would be a great time to clean up shop aroundView full post »


Please Close the Bathroom Door Behind You

Because if you don’t, Miss Maddie will have a field day with the toilet paper. No, we’re not talking aboutView full post »


Cigar Box Surprise

With the recent completion of our media wall and the addition of our new 3.1 surround system (soon to be 5.1, if I canView full post »


The Wall

Hey, oh my gosh, guess what? This past weekend was spent, for the most part, enjoying our new wall! And if itView full post »