Monthly Archives: April 2011


Rainy Days and a Sad Patio

Chicago’s rainy day streak has got me feeling down. Both of us, really – or should I say, the both of us and our three kiddos. Mood swings are on high alert in this casa, we haven’t seen the sun since March, and most infuriating-lyKEEP READING >


Get to Know: Patti and Ross

Remember that whirlwind weekend when we built that media wall? I must admit, there’s a part I left out. Not only did Scott have fun playing with every power tool in Ross’ wood shop, but I had a bit of fun, too. While not staining legs orKEEP READING >


Birds Fly South(er)

With all of the recent changes around our living room, we found ourselves with a couple of homeless critters. You might remember our trio of birds that formerly held down the space on the bright green wall above the television. With the media wallKEEP READING >


Painted: Diesel

Okay, it’s pretty obvious that we have a love for bully breeds, with our Jack being the center of attention at all times. Like, all the time. He steals the show (and our hearts – oh, snap!) even if he’s just sleeping. Sometimes weKEEP READING >


Dino Battle! (and Building a Terrarium)

As mentioned here, we already made the first leap towards building a terrarium. I know, big deal, so we bought the vessel – but dang, that was not easy to find! From too-high price points to chintzy fish bowls at the hobby stores, we justKEEP READING >


A Few Things

With the dust settling around our actual casa (sort of), we figured it would be a great time to clean up shop around our virtual home, too. So the first thing on our list of said “few things,” is that our terribly outdated house tour isKEEP READING >