Monthly Archives: March 2011


A Wagon and a Wall

Last weekend, we left Chicago in our Corolla and came home with a Subaru (more on that in a bit) and the long awaited media wall. We spent two days in our friends Ross and Patti’s insane wood shop, dined on the Queen City’s finest pizzaKEEP READING >


How Not to Dye Curtains

Not every project we take on has those perfect, shiny results we hope for. And in this case, our results were pretty much as opposite as you can get from the original goal, but as luck would have it, we actually think it worked out pretty alright.KEEP READING >


Painted: Bamboo Brownie

When someone selects the “other” option during checkout with The Pet Shop, you can imagine how curious it makes me. I’ve tackled bunnies and Chilly the chinchilla (and a hockey loving one at that – kindred spirits, for sure),KEEP READING >


Kelly + Olive eBook: Ideas You Should Steal

We’re thrilled to be a part of Kelly + Olive‘s first eBook, Ideas You Should Steal: 17 fun home projects to inspire, knock-off or just plain copy, a web download packed with fun, try-me projects contributed by home, craft, and lifestyleKEEP READING >


The Bug

Okay, it happened. We got bit by the terrarium bug (metaphorically speaking, of course – a real life terrarium bug would be frowned upon.) The idea of a self-contained plant environment that needed little maintenance admittedly intrigued usKEEP READING >


Eve’s Fancy Sunshine

As if we needed further proof that a can of paint can inject a whole lotta fun into the norm, we received this email from Eve. It made us very happy. And not just because we’re totally flattered that she gained inspiration from us (crazy), butKEEP READING >