Monthly Archives: January 2011


Found, Framed, and (Finally) Out There

A long, long time ago (as in, maybe last summer), Scott found this frame in the trash. Sad, really, because it’sView full post »


Oh, Sweet Friday

Thank jeebs, it’s Friday again. Eee! There’s just something about 5 o’clock on this day that makesView full post »


Giveaway: Row Boat Press

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Thank you to all who participated! It may be hump day (we still call itView full post »


Sittin’ Pretty

One of the many perks of my wacky job as a rep for an industrial uniform company is that I get to see into the backView full post »


Prints, Lately

It should come as no surprise that Scott and I kind of has this, um, addiction, for small art. Makes sense, I supposeView full post »


Get to Know: Kalli

My BFF Kalli, a talented artist and jewlery designer based out of Los Angeles, has an interesting take on adding colorView full post »


California Love

With all our new year smack talking, pet photo taking, and supposed media center making, you’d think we couldView full post »


Easy and Upgraded: Reveal

You all remember this dilemma a while back, yeah? The responses were divisive to say the least, but as you saw onView full post »


Going Round

There is no such thing as an innocent Craigslist search. As you may have heard us mention, we have some plans up ourView full post »