Monthly Archives: September 2010


Home is…

…the warm sound of black plastic spinning at 33 1/3 RPMs on our trusty Stanton turntable. Don’t get us wrong; we’re not vinyl snobs. Our iPods get a thorough workout too. That said, afternoons and weekends at home often find us scouring the bottom shelf of our entertainment center for the perfect 12″KEEP READING >


Lucky Winner: Yellow Brick Home

Goodbye Monday, and hello sweet, sweet Tuesday. Last week’s Pet Shop grand opening and giveaway sponsored by yours  truly drummed up some pretty spunky pet personalities, not that we’re surprised by those wacky four-legged behaviors. As the boastful parents of two pampered cats and one spoiled pooch, we know that sometimes this houseKEEP READING >



Really, guys? The last time you left your mark on our corner building, you at least thought about composition (or something). And now look. Just sloppy. Here’s a thought: yellow does not trump black. KJ, you’re not masking anything up on that yellow brick. Last week, the hubs called in help from the big guys, Graffiti Blasters.KEEP READING >


Oh, Sweet Friday

It’s Friday, all! A very happy one to you. We’ve survived this kamikaze weather week (with too-warm temps in the great midwest reaching the 90s…whaa?), and now we’re ready to enjoy the upcoming Fall weather weekend and a steamy cup of cider. Too early? Never. And what a week it’s been. The Pet Shop unveiled, basementKEEP READING >



An amazing thing happened this week. For the first time since that *@&! flood wiped out the basement of this wee yellow brick building, we’re feeling relief. Relief, because, as the hubs and I were testing our storage solution a few afternoons ago, the restoration company showed up. And not just to hang out and admire their half finishedKEEP READING >


Giveaway: Yours Truly, Yellow Brick Home

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Thanks to all who participated! Nope, that giveaway shout out above is no accident. Today, this little yellow brick home is over the moon to announce our very own giveaway in conjunction with the official opening of The Pet Shop, a (new) tiny division of YBH specializing in pet paintings. Go on, checkKEEP READING >