Monthly Archives: August 2010


Home Is…

…rumpled sheets and kitty hang-time. While we love a clean, freshly made bed, weekends are in a league of their own. Playing hard on Saturday nights equal down time with the hubs and furballs on Sunday mornings. Sleeping in, scrambled eggs atKEEP READING >


Getting There.

We’re sorry. We don’t blame any of you who may be growing weary of the continuous tale of our basement woes. (And if you’re just joining in now, you can see what we mean starting here, questioning lost items here, and trying toKEEP READING >


The Pop-Up Flea Market

When our friend Rachael asked us if we’d be interested in joining her this past weekend for a Sunday stroll through The Vintage Bazaar, we couldn’t tie our shoes on fast enough. First of all, holy cow. How did we not know about this?KEEP READING >


A Simple Swap

When I walk into a room, I have this annoying brain tug that makes me mentally rearrange the furniture in front of me. What, don’t you? You know, kind of like those math geniuses that unscramble numbers in every day life to find patternsKEEP READING >


Home Is…

…warm blankets, soft pillows, and a good movie night on the couch. Jack by our side is, of course, the icing on the cake. And The Mighty Ducks on the tube is a little slice of heaven, too – definitely a top 10 desert island movie in myKEEP READING >


A Return to Normalcy.

As we mentioned earlier this week, this summer has been the busiest on record for this here duo. The months leading up to our DIY wedding just a few short years ago seemed hectic at the time, but I’ve got to say that this one takes the cake.KEEP READING >