Monthly Archives: August 2010


Home Is…

…rumpled sheets and kitty hang-time. While we love a clean, freshly made bed, weekends are in a league of theirView full post »


Getting There.

We’re sorry. We don’t blame any of you who may be growing weary of the continuous tale of our basementView full post »


The Pop-Up Flea Market

When our friend Rachael asked us if we’d be interested in joining her this past weekend for a Sunday strollView full post »


A Simple Swap

When I walk into a room, I have this annoying brain tug that makes me mentally rearrange the furniture in front of me.View full post »


Home Is…

…warm blankets, soft pillows, and a good movie night on the couch. Jack by our side is, of course, the icing onView full post »


A Return to Normalcy.

As we mentioned earlier this week, this summer has been the busiest on record for this here duo. The months leading upView full post »


Celebrate with Cake

Last week literally “took the cake” as one of the busiest of our summer. Ending with a big bang on ThursdayView full post »


Basement Blues (and Greens)

You may have seen our recent post in which we relayed to you, dear reader, the trying tale of the great flood of 2010.View full post »


Who You Gonna Call?

Graffiti is vandalism, it scars the community, hurts property values and diminishes our quality of life. Ouch. Not myView full post »