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While rummaging through every junk drawer, closet, and storage space in our home for our recent yard sale, we stumbledView full post »


Son of a Flood

Remember that relaxing weekend we promised each other? We half-kept our word, but for good reason. After spending aView full post »


Oh, Sweet Friday

Do you ever find yourself so busy that even the simplest tasks start to feel a mountain? Scott could sweetly ask me toView full post »


Yard Sale 2.0

Condo association yard sale 2010 (v. 2.0) is in the books, folks. And once again (you may remember our sale of yore),View full post »


We’re Having A(nother) Yard Sale!

Some of you may remember waaay back to August of 2009 when we hosted our first annual condo association yard sale. NotView full post »


The Bedroom Blahs…Resolved

Boy, do we feel better. Not only have the hubs and I been snug as a bug in our freshly made over bedroom, butView full post »


A Day Trip To Brooklyn

You guys, this is a very exciting day for this here duo. Today is the day that we drop in on Stefanie’s blog,View full post »


A Place To Paint

You may remember when we bid a tearful goodbye to our aquarium not too long ago. Ever since I’ve known Scott,View full post »


The Bedroom Blahs Resolved: Part 2

After moving our colorful FLOR rug into the office (more on that here), we knew we needed a punch of color to break upView full post »