Monthly Archives: June 2010


The Bedroom Blahs Resolved: Part 1

In addition to the blinds we installed a few months ago, we’ve added some not-too-thick, not-too-thin whiteView full post »


Cat Grass: Update

You probably remember the farmer’s market treat our furballs (read: children) got last week. Welp, after sevenView full post »


Grill, Baby, Grill

So I’ll admit it, I’m in the midst of a love affair. With my new grill. That said, our old charcoal WeberView full post »


A Cat Grass Party

On Sunday, the hubs and I finally put down the tools, the paint, the spray cans, brushes and dropcloths. We took a timeView full post »


Husband for Hire

Keeping in the tradition we started last year with our trip to Nashville, Kim and I will once again spend ourView full post »


The Bedroom Blahs?

Some of you may know how much I love our orange bedroom. Truly, I do. Or, should I say did? Last week, call it aView full post »


We’re Growing Up

Holy smokes, you guys. Yellow Brick Home turns the big numero uno today! To be honest, we knew the big day was quicklyView full post »


Follow us to “The Flea”

On our recent trip to Cincinnati over Memorial Day weekend, we partook in one of our favorite Cincinnati pastimes atView full post »


Grandma’s Trinkets

I was selfishly dreading the day that my grandma would move. This past week, she downsized from her 2 story home inView full post »