Monthly Archives: June 2010


The Bedroom Blahs Resolved: Part 1

In addition to the blinds we installed a few months ago, we’ve added some not-too-thick, not-too-thin white curtain panels. Picked up from Ikea just last week, these Lenda curtains (at a steal at just 14.99 for two bright, white panels) have given our room that easy breezy, light and airy feeling that we all know and love. By simply cuttingKEEP READING >


Cat Grass: Update

You probably remember the farmer’s market treat our furballs (read: children) got last week. Welp, after seven (+) days, the grass still stands. We almost can’t believe it. In the past, the kitties have dined on the quick, last-minute-checkout-lane PetSmart grass, and it’s usually long gone before the next morning. And notKEEP READING >


Grill, Baby, Grill

So I’ll admit it, I’m in the midst of a love affair. With my new grill. That said, our old charcoal Weber was great, if not a bit of a hassle, a mess, and a fire hazard on our all-wood deck. Safety first, right? I had mentioned to Kim that I was intrigued by our neighbor’s grill, which happens to be the the now-out-of-production,KEEP READING >


A Cat Grass Party

On Sunday, the hubs and I finally put down the tools, the paint, the spray cans, brushes and dropcloths. We took a time out, and we spent the morning perusing the rows of vendors at our neighborhood farmer’s market. After days of torrential downpours (and winds up to 80 mph – holy moly!), it was finally a dry and sunny day, and we wentKEEP READING >


Husband for Hire

Keeping in the tradition we started last year with our trip to Nashville, Kim and I will once again spend our anniversary traveling. We’re taking a trip. An awesome trip. We’ll fly into San Francisco, spend a couple days on Fisherman’s Wharf and the like (hey, we’ll be tourists after all), drive down the coast to Big Sur,KEEP READING >


The Bedroom Blahs?

Some of you may know how much I love our orange bedroom. Truly, I do. Or, should I say did? Last week, call it a “wild hair” or what you will, but while the hubs was out of town, I decided to paint the bedroom. I couldn’t sleep, I had just enjoyed a relaxing day, and out of nowhere, I felt strongly compelled to whip out ourKEEP READING >