Monthly Archives: May 2010


Oh, Sweet Friday

Happy early weekend everyone! I don’t know if it’s the warm summer weather (or perhaps just a busy, busy work week), but Scott and I are practically bursting to get this weekend-show on the road. And by “on the road,” we literally mean on the road. We’ll be heading back to Cincinnati for a dose of that sweet SkylineKEEP READING >


Renee’s Bedroom Redo: Reveal

Have we kept you in suspense long enough? Scott should be proud – most of the time I’m just dying to spill the beans. (His birthday is always impossible for me). In this case, however, I’d like to think it was worth the wait. As you may remember, Miss Renee put an awful lot of faith in us. Again. Not only did we makeover herKEEP READING >


What We Love About Sundays

Sundays are the one day a week when you should have zero guilt for a) relaxing, b) doing only what you want, and c) relaxing a little more. And since summertime seems to have finally hit it’s stride here in Chicago (with temperatures that will be soaring into theĀ  80s and above all week), we decided to welcome the warm weather with breakfastKEEP READING >


Renee’s Bedroom Redo: Part 3

You know what they say. Sometimes you really need to make a mess to clean that mess. And Renee’s bedroom was no exception. (Just check out parts one and two). Now, I say “mess” with love. Not that her room was messy, rather, it really just needed some good ol’ elbow grease. And grease it up we did. Just check out the hubsKEEP READING >


Renee’s Bedroom Redo: Part 2

The last time we worked with Miss Renee, it was a living room head to toe makeover. New Flor tiles, a refinished coffee table, and clean, fresh paint all around were just a few of the changes. And you may remember that we did it all in one day. Oy. Now here we are 8 months later, and we’ve come back to tackle that bedroom of hers. WhileKEEP READING >


A Bit on Dimmers

I’m going to state the obvious when I say that hard-wired lighting is fantastic. Mount it to your wall or ceiling once and it’s out of your way, forever providing light from above, allowing you to brighten your home with the flick of a switch. As you may remember from our recent lighting saga, we’re willing to go to some prettyKEEP READING >