Monthly Archives: March 2010


Adventures In Wallpaper: Reveal

It’s been almost 2 months since we first spilled the beans about venturing into the great, wide world of wallpaper. Of course we were a little nervous that we may have fallen victim to the fast growing home decor trend, but you know what? Consider us on that bandwagon. The more we anticipated our Saturday date with wall glue and soakingKEEP READING >


A Lighting Love Story…Sort Of.

I first spotted this light on Overstock during my daily rounds of browsing last summer. And yes, I online browse every day (as part of an unecessary sickness that’s just one of many). It was instant love, and as soon as I showed the hubs, he eagerly okayed the purchase. And no, he’s not one to let me shop for the home without running aKEEP READING >


Lucky Winner: Red Raven Studios

Man oh man. Reading this past week’s giveaway entries sponsored by Red Raven Studios really got me geared me up for flip flops and fresh air. As for Scott (not your typical flip-flop-wearin’ type of guy), well, he was eagerly awaiting the big window wash down of 2010. Unfortunately, this past weekend found old man winter rearing hisKEEP READING >


Adventures In Wallpaper: Sneak Peek

Well, after a handful of hours last Saturday, a water-soaked hallway, and a slip n’ slide of paste, the wallpaper is finally up. I know, I know. Due to my go-go-go mentality, this is all you get for now. Life has been somewhat hectic in the last few weeks, but I feel like things may be slowing down. (Eek! Can I say that out loud? Knock onKEEP READING >


A Bison In the Bedroom

On the first night of our anniversary trip to Nashville, Kim and I were strolling through an art show when we stumbled upon a gorgeously crafted linocut print by local artist Laura Baisden, titled To A Wayward Bison. We decided on the spot that we had to have it (the bison was unique enough, and the colors were oh-so-right), but then reality setKEEP READING >


Meet Opie

When we first found out that our friend Kelly‘s baby shower was being hosted on a Friday night (and in Cincinnati), we were super bummed. (You may remember her from touring her colorful, happy home a few months ago. Man, I love a girl who loves color). Not only had we wanted to be there to celebrate each step of her new adventure (kicking itKEEP READING >