Monthly Archives: February 2010


Back to School

Kim and I received our diplomas from the University of Cincinnati in 2005 and 2004 respectively. Hers in Fine Art Photography, mine in Business Communication. Little did we know that more than half a decade later, we’d be sharpening our pencils once again and heading back to college for some good old continuing education. Due to some perksKEEP READING >



Oh, how we love FLOR. We were jazzed when we saw their doors open to Chicago, and we were just as pleased when we pieced them together in Renee’s living room redo. Their endless choices in color, nap, and style are practically mind boggling, and the hands-on creativity you can bring to the table is nothing if a little intimidating. We loveKEEP READING >


Adventures in Wallpaper

Welp, here goes nothing. After over a year of agonizing over all things wallpaper, Scott and I decided to take the leap. We purchased this bold, jacquard pattern from Anthropologie (on sale, whee!) and it arrived in the mail this week. Since it can be a bit iffy to buy something like this without actually seeing it first, truth be told, we were aKEEP READING >


Mindful Metropolis: Small Ambitions

When Mindful Metropolis, a Chicago based glossy focusing on conscious living concepts, contacted us a few weeks ago, we eagerly invited the super friendly Christine (founder of Green Parent Chicago) over for coffee and an in-person house tour. That night, we celebrated the unexpected house call and crossed our fingers that they would find usKEEP READING >


Chair Love

We have fallen in love yet again. And yes, we’re talkin’ furniture. This happens quite often, but usually we can restrain ourselves from unnecessary purchases. After all, if something comes in, something must go. It’s our number one rule of small home living, and we stick by it. But the first time we laid eyes on her oatmealKEEP READING >