Monthly Archives: February 2010


DIY: Mount Up

The TV in the master bedroom is a widely debated topic. Some seem to think that the tube will rob your bedroom of all serenity, while some think of it as a must have to wind down at the end of the day. Or maybe you’re like my lady, who likesKEEP READING >


Lucky Winner: Haha Press

Boy, oh boy are we happy we asked for a good joke during last week’s giveaway, sponsored by Haha Press. And we’re especially happy to say that you did not hold back. Every day was spent chuckling over your entries, and I may have snortedKEEP READING >


Flowers, For Me?

This past Friday afternoon, I came home from work exhausted, tired, and I’ll be the first to admit that I was downright cranky. I was in one heck of a mood (obviously not a good one), so imagine my surprise when I opened our front door andKEEP READING >


Every Shelf In It’s Right Place

As you know, living in our little corner of the city is often a battle of inches. Every item that enters our space must be pre-screened for compatibility with our cozy floor plan. We have embraced this fact and enjoy the challenges, if not the math,KEEP READING >


Giveaway: Haha Press

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Thanks to all who participated! Nothin’ beats the feeling of a clean, crisp tee; am I right? After a long day at the office, I’ll be the first to admit that Scott and I are in our comfiestKEEP READING >


A Lovely Weekend

Whether it makes you smile or makes you cringe, there’s no two ways about it – this weekend is for lovers. Blame it on St. Valentine, but I quite enjoy it. Past all the unnecessary hype of the big diamonds, too many flowers, and oodlesKEEP READING >