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Lucky Winner: Little Korboose

I must say, reading through the childhood memories of our Little Korboose giveaway participants really brought me back. Ah, yes, the days of tricycles in the cul-de-sac, sweet ice cream on a hot summer day, and of course the cupped cakes that can brighten any day, even the really bad ones. Mmm-mmm. Mm. Ok, so maybe a few of us got some skinnedKEEP READING >


There’s a Bike On the Ceiling

Mark Twain once said, “Get a bicycle, you will not regret it if you live.” I cannot agree with him more. Living deep within the traffic gridlock of Chicago, we find that bicycling is the easiest and most efficient mode of transportation. Meeting some friends for dinner in Bucktown? Hop on your bike, and you’re there in mereKEEP READING >


We Love Us Some Therapy

Wednesday morning, after logging into my computer and sipping from a much needed cup of joe, I was beyond tickled to see our baby pup, Jack, fill my screen. On Apartment Therapy. Yet again! What a spoiled, famous little (or not so little) dog. The folks over at AT were oh-so-kind to feature our post on our love of curtain tracks, and by doing so,KEEP READING >


Giveaway: Little Korboose

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Thank you to all who participated! Yup, their name may ring a bell from our holiday gift guide, and Litte Korboose is no stranger to one our favorite haunts, the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair. And yes, we’re also excited to announce that they’re sponsoring this week’s giveaway –KEEP READING >


Hooray for Jubilee

Oh, Jubilee Furniture. Our hearts skipped a beat the first time we read up on this charitable organization, and we can now say that it’s well worth the forty-five minute drive out of the city. Located right off the main drag in the guts of Carol Stream, IL, Jubilee is sure to make a furniture lover’s knees quiver. Dining room sets,KEEP READING >


A Lil’ Therapy Does Good

Sweet momma, we’ve landed the big one, kids. Yesterday (or rather, while we were nestled in our bed on Wednesday night), the good folks over at Apartment Therpay posted our house tour! Okay, so yes, it’s not like they found us through the home-blog gods and contacted us, but still. We submitted, they posted. And we were pretty darnKEEP READING >