Yearly Archives: 2010


Oh, Sweet Friday (and New Year Promises)

We don’t do resolutions. Never really have, and with the yearly load I tend to pile on our plates (as if you could consider crafty goodness and wall painting a “load,” I mean, really) – I’m not sure we ever really will. But when I asked Scott if the year of eleven would be any different, I was told we had toKEEP READING >


Henry’s Little Bro

You all remember our Henry, right? With that cute toosh and all? Uh, so, he looks like this guy from Urban Outfitters, yes? Maybe we’re the last folks to spot the new kid (thanks to our pal, Jill, for cluing us in!), but the resemblance is kind of on the money. Like, this one could be Henry’s little brother kind of money. Except weKEEP READING >



You may remember how excited I was when I spotted these from West Elm – and for a good cause, too. Well, somebunny (er… my hubby!) loves me. Yesss.KEEP READING >


Cue the Womp Womp.

Thinking we’d have a little time this year to make the home more festive than usual (uh, what were we thinking?), we pre-ordered hundreds of buttons, bought a foam wreath form, and we finally got ourselves a hot glue gun. We were planning a little of this: Cute, right? But – and hence this post’s elusive title – timeKEEP READING >


Paint for the Soul: Again.

As if I needed more ammunition to the ongoing great-camera-painting-debate, I stumbled upon these guys while at the Renegade Craft Fair: Yes, I heard the resounding no when I asked for your thoughts on spraying my mom’s camera a bright, glossy pink (or yellow or white or steely gray…), which I have to admit, I was not expecting. EvenKEEP READING >