Monthly Archives: July 2009


Everything But the Kitchen Sink

You want it? We had it.  Clothes, media, furniture, decor, bikes, and the list goes on.  Gadgets and gizmos.  Widgets and doodads.  Everything but the kitchen sink.  I told you not too long ago how we love a yard sale, so why not hold one of our own? Here’s the full scoop on that big day. It was cold that morning.  The coldest in forty twoKEEP READING >


Prime Patio

Living in Chicago, you learn to appreciate every extra square foot of prime real estate space.  An extra inch here and there in an itty bitty floor plan can easily lead to the happy dance.  Have a random nook in a not-quite square bedroom? Use the space to hide your laundry baskets, hang some coat hooks, or stash the kitty toilet.  And on the topKEEP READING >


Time to Purge

Oh, how we do love a good yard sale.  Henry can vouch for that (and our penny filled snail bank, too).  We’re holding a bigger than big yard sale in the windy city this Saturday, and the excitement is mounting.  For once, we’re the ones purging our once-treasures and hopefully sneaking in a first peek at our neighbors goods.  Yup,KEEP READING >


Paint It Pink

Very few things are perfect straight from the shelves of your favorite shop.  But with a little love and a little thinking-outside-the-box, the world is your oyster.  I’m practically famous for dreaming up the oh-so-perfect gizmo I need, only to find out later that it doesn’t actually exist.  For example, do you ever find yourself in aKEEP READING >


Lighten Up

You’ve seen how FLOR tiles have rocked our world.  In a less-than-spacious abode, they’re the perfect solution for small, sturdy rugs in the bedroom.  We prefer their tough as nails durability over a flimsier, cotton 3×5 store bought variety.  However, I’m not saying that we’re FLOR exclusive.  As much as we love theKEEP READING >


A Glass A Day…

I have a confession to make.  I have an addiction.  To wine.  It’s true that I like a nice, full glass from time to time, but who doesn’t?  Sometimes one glass can lead to two (or three), and sure, we have to stock up at the liquor stores for the cheaper varieties as to not break the bank.  But what can I say?  There’s justKEEP READING >