Monthly Archives: June 2009


A Snail of a Tale

I must admit that I’ve felt a wee bit sluggish lately.  This summer has started off with quite the boom,View full post »


Holy Smokes, I’m FLORed!

Stop the presses! Could it be? Is it true? Living in such teeny headquarters has always made us rethink the way weView full post »


A Sideboard Story

A what? A sideboard? Scott and I didn’t even know what that was until we needed one. The time came last Fall,View full post »


Gobble, Gobble

No, it’s not Thanksgiving.  Although, a huge slice of sweet potato pie could hit the spot any time of year.  AndView full post »


Hello, Number 2

Hello, and welcome to our second floor walk up, nestled just off the boulevard in the hustle and bustle of Chicago.  MyView full post »